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Why is Turkish White Limestone popular?

Although the vast range of limestone tiles and slabs are available from various sources throughout the world, Turkey is one of the few sources for white colour limestone for the construction sector. Some building projects require super white or off-white limestone cladding and architectural elements. As well as its colour, uniformity of the stone, another […]

What is Turkish white limestone block prices?

There is no fixed limestone block price. Although limestones from different quarries in Turkey show similarities, they are not exactly the same. Each quarry may have different price policy for their blocks depending on quality and colour selection. There are some aspects such as the quantity of an order, repeat buyings, selections, block sizes etc […]

What is the difference between Antalya limestone, Limra limestone and Turkish white limestone

Antalya province at southern Turkey is the main source for white Turkish limestone and many white limestone quarries are located in this area. Because of the location, some people called Turkish limestone as Antalya Limestone as a general description because of the location they are mostly extracted from or as Limra (or Lymra) the way […]

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