Architectural Limestone

Architectural Limestone

Builders, contractors, architects, designers and wholsalers are welcome to cooperate for their projects that require high-end architectural Stone works.

Our company is one of the leading natural stone suppliers in Turkey for architectural stone products such as columns and capitals, balustrades, door entries, window and door frames, copings, piers etc.

From the simplest window sills to most intricate column capitals, each piece is manufactured at the highest standards thanks to modern equipments and highly skilled artisans at our factories.

White Limestone Quarry in Turkey

White Limestone QuarryOur white limestone quarry is in Finike, Turkey. Antalya Port is the nearest seaport for shipping. Please contact us for directions to our quarry. Most of the white limestone quarries in Turkey are located in the Province of Antalya. Finike and Demre towns are the main regions for quarries. Limestone quarries in Turkey [...]

White Limestone Window Sill

White Limestone Window SillWindow sill is the lowest part of window casement. Window sill is one of the most used architectural stone elements for buildings. We are producing any design of sill that architecs require. From simple flat design to complicated carved styles, from flat top to sloped ones with or without drip-edges. Material is [...]

White Limestone Exterior Wall Cladding From Turkey

White Limestone Exterior Wall Cladding From TurkeyLimestone is a versatile building stone that can be used on walls and floors. Limestone is the most popular natural stone due to several aspects such as duribility, uniformity and its aesthetical features for interior and exterior wall and flor applications. They can be produced in different finishes and [...]

White Limestone Balustrades

White Limestone BalustradesIt is a railing system which supports handrail on top. They can be in square or lathe-rounded form. Our white limestone balustrades are availabe in various design and sizes. Again balusters are one of the most common architectural stone elements which helps buildings to turn into an architectural masterpiece. For our white limestone [...]

Stonedoor Gateways

Stonedoor Gateways

Limestone Window And Door Frames

Limestone Window And Door FramesThose profiles are one of the most common arthitectural limestone elements that we are suppliying in any design.

Limestone Stairs

Limestone StairsLimestone stairs are basic architectural elements that we are supplying either residential or commercial projects in any dimension and edge and surface finish.

Limestone Pier Cap And Wall Caps

Limestone Pier Cap And Wall CapsLimestone caps for walls and piers are produced at our factory in any size and desighn you require.

Limestone Pediment

Limestone PedimentAs an architectural stone supplier, another element we are manufacturing is limestone pediments. Pediment is a upper part of the front of the classical building and typically triangular and suported by columns. Any pediment disegn welcomes. Thanks to our modern equipments and highly skilled and experienced artisans, we are able to undertaken any design [...]

Limestone Column Capitals

Limestone Column CapitalsAs part of stone columns,Turkish limestone column capital and column base in any style such as doric capital, Ionic capita corinthian capital etc. are being manufactured in our facilities considering the highest standards. Please feel free to contact us for white limestone column capital prices and further details.

Limestone Column

Limestone ColumnThe first example of stone column to support building goes back as early as 3000-1000B.C. This architectural invension helped create larger open space by supporting ceilings without using solid walls and let more light entrance and bring aesthetic to buildings’ exteriors and interiors. Although travertine, marble and granite are other common builging stones that [...]